What are different reports type

Reporting is one of the most amazing feature of our email marketing solution. Their are various reports that are provided by us.
  • DashBoard: This give you live read reports. It displays number of current readers of your campaign, along with email addresses of current readers and their locations.
  • Basic Reports: This tells you basic overview of your campaign, with total number of receipients, number of email sent till now, number of emails read, link clicks and various other reports.
  • Detailed Reports: This lists down all the emails that have been sent for a particular campaign.
  • Link: This lists down the emails that have clicked links in your email, along with their locations.
  • Read: This lists down the emails that have read your email, along with their locations.
  • Unsubscription: This lists down recipients who have unsubscribed from your mailing list, from this campaign.
  • Share: This lists down receipients who have shared email campaign on social networking platform, along with the platform on which they have shared the email.
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