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What is Reporting?

Sending Emails to your users are of no help until they are tracked. Tracking gives you a powerful resouce knowing whom to contact next, what to improve, location to target and so on. Reporting of email campaigns are tracked for following actions: Checking when was the email sent. Checking how many subscribers have read the email and when. Location from where email was read (city, state, and country). ...

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Live Read Reporting

We introduce a all new and exiciting way to track emails. Track emails as the users read it. Live read reporting show the read count of users who are currently reading emails, along with the location of the readers. Use this feature to get involved closely with your campaigns. ...

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What are different reports type

Reporting is one of the most amazing feature of our email marketing solution. Their are various reports that are provided by us. DashBoard: This give you live read reports. It displays number of current readers of your campaign, along with email addresses of current readers and their locations.Basic Reports: This tells you basic overview of your campaign, with total number of receipients, number of email sent till now, number of emails read, link clicks and various other reports. ...

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