Create Campaign

URL : createCampaign

Disc : This creates a new campaign for the user

Input Params :

  • apikey: APIKey of the user
  • mailingList: ";" seperated mailing list Ids (to get Ids call getMailingLists)
  • name: Name of Campaign
  • fromemail: This can be ID or full from email. It will only accept verified email addresses.
  • fromName: From Name for campaign
  • subject: Subject of Email Campaign
  • body: Body of Email Campaign
  • address: Physical Address of Sender
  • city: City of Sender
  • state: State of Sender
  • country: Country of Sender
  • zip: Zip Code of Sender
  • autoDays(Optional): This is mandatory in case of AutoResponders. Should be positive integer only.
  • startTime(Optional): This is mandatory in case of schedulers, this should be greater than present IST time.
  • type: 0 in case of Send Now, 1 in case of Schedulers and 2 for Autoresponders.

Output : {"msg": , "errorCode": }

Error Codes :

0 - Success.
1 - Scheduled time less than present time
4 - Unable to validate ownership of Mailing List
6 - From Address is invalid
11 - autoDays should be numeric.
12 - Incorrect Type
90 - Missing Parameters
50 - Internal Server Error
99 - Incorrect API Key
Tags: createCampaign, api to Create Campaign or Scheduler or Auto Responders
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