Add emails to Mailing List

URL : addDataToMailingList

Disc : This adds data to previously created mailing list

Input Params : apikey,mailingListID,data (this is array of records)

Disc Input : data is json encoded array of records with 0th index containing column name. Valid Column names are :

email,name,company,address,phone,state,city,country,zip,job,custom1,custom2,custom3,custom4,c ustom5

Sample Code :


$data[0]['name']='My Name';

$data[0]['company']='My State';

Json Encode above data

Output : {"msg": , "errorCode": }

Error Codes : 0 - Success, 90 - Missing Parameters, 99 - Incorrect API Key, 98 - Failed to delete, possibily incorrect mailing list id.
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