Different Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns provided by us can be broadly classified into 3 categories.

  • Email Campaigns
    Email Campaigns are basic set of emails in which you can select the recepients to whom you intend to send emails, a subject(can be customized), and email body (which can also be personalized). Like other two these are also bundled with lot of pre-designed templates. It can also be used with time-travelling option. To know more about time travelling select the document from side menu. To know on how to create email campaign click here.
  • Schedulers
    Sometimes you dont want to send emails at that very moment but want to schedule it for later. Examples can be scheduling a Republic Day email campaign on 15 January is a nice option. Creation wizard of schedulers are same as email campaigns but differs at the last step. It gives you an option to select schedule option at last step. To know on how to schedule email campaign click here.
  • Auto Responders
    Auto-responders are the best way to set up a constant contact with your customers. Autoresponders provides you an ability to send emails after a pre-defined number of days after the user has subscribed to the mailing list. That is you might want to send a help document after 5 days when she joins the mailing list, auto-responders sets a way to do that.
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