Create a new Scheduler

To schedule a new email campaign
  • From the top menu bar click on "Campaigns & Auto Responders".
  • In campaigns page click on "Create a New Campaign".
  • In add campaigns page
    • In "Name your Campaign" : name the campaign for your reference. This name will be shown in email reports and Google analytics page.
    • In "Select From Email Address" : Select the from address from which mails will be sent, to know how to add more from address click here.
    • In "From Name" : Add the from name for the emails to be sent.
    • In "Mailing Lists" : Select the mailing lists to which this emails will be sent.
    • In "Subject" : Enter the subject for the emails, you can also add custom fields in this to personalize the subject.
  • Click on "Proceed" to process to template selection page.
  • In templates page select the template you want to use, you can also select "Continue with Blank Mail" if you want to add your HTML code.
  • You will be redirected to email editor
    • In email editor you can design/make changes to your template
    • In order to add images uploaded in gallery, Click on image icon, this will popup the gallery to add images
    • If you want to add your own html code, click on "Source" in editor (top left) and paste the code.
  • Click on Proceed to continue
  • In next page
    • You can enable Time Traveling if you want.
    • Enter your physical address.
    • Select sending option Schedule, and pick a schedule date.
  • Click on Schedule to scheduler campaign.
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