Anti SPAM Policy

At Technetto Email Marketing , we've crafted a strong, zero-tolerance anti-spam policy to protect the delivery rates and reputations of our customers. If you feel one of our customers has sent you spam, please email us below and we'll immediately take steps to solve the problem.

Our Anti-Spam Policy

Simply stated, we at Technetto Email Marketing are anti-spam. We hold the privacy of all users in the highest regard, as well as the recipients of emails sent by our customers.

The Federal CAN-SPAM Act

The Federal CAN-SPAM Act, put into law in 2003, dictates rules in sending commercial email. We at Technetto vigorously follow these rules and add a few more for added safety, they include:

Complaint Procedure

All Technetto Email Marketing customers are bound, by law, into following these guidelines. If you are sent an unexpected email from a Technetto customer, please let us know, but understand that there are steps you can follow: Click on the unsubscribe link in the unexpected email you receive. Contact our support staff and request that we take you off all all potential emails from Technetto If you feel one of our customers has sent you spam, please contact us at .