Marketing and Transactional Emails

Helping small business do more business with quality in both Transational and Marketing emails. Same account and credit can be used for both type of requirements. Get started with Technetto Email Marketing and start having more enggaging experience with users.

Simplified Email Marketing

Send email newsletters swiftly using a beautiful and easy interface.

Email Newsletter sending can be simplified by Technetto Email Marketing in four simple steps:

  • Upload Mailing List in txt, csv, xls or add records individually
  • Create a newsletter using drag drop editor and lot of email templates
  • Send, or schedule email delivery
  • Track performance using powerful reporting

Powerful Transactional Emails

Integrate our APIs in your application and send emails easily.

Have a smooth email integration in your applications for emails like user signup, welcome email, reminders, personalized offers etc. Add our restful APIs in your applications, websites and internal softwares like CRM, invoicing system and get more responses from your users and experience a seemless delivery of your emails.

Read API docs.

Features at a glance

Save you time and effort

Email Marketing Solution provided by Technetto Email Marketing caters your Marketing as well as Transaction Email needs.

A Simple 4 step process lets you send emails with ease, followed by in-depth reporting and analysis.

@technetto @Technetto Love your Best of luck

@AllanWilliamsGB, London

(Screenshot:Technetto Email Marketing campaign creation wizard)

Powerful Reporting

A reporting that ensures that you get all the required data from your email marketing. Track who is reading your emails, who is clicking on links, location of your recipients and lot more..

Bounces (both hard and soft) are handled gracefully and we ensure that your emails are not wasted at all.

Personalize with multiple options

You can personalize your emails and subject for each of your recipients to have a more impactful and engaging with your recipients.

With all this customization and personalization Technetto Email Marketing gets your emails more responses.

Connect your users

With powerful marketing interface and transactional APIs, ensure a constant comminication with your users.

Start a constant communication with your users using Technetto Email Marketing.

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